Training & Courses 

Both online and onsite classes are available upon request. If the courses that you are looking for is not shown below, feel free to email us and share with us your request and we’ll be able to tailor-make your ideal language classroom for you! 

  • English for Beginners
  • English for Sales 
  • English Refresher Course
  • Mandarin for Beginners
  • Mandarin for Travel 
  • Chinese culture 
  • German for Beginners

Testimonials from students

“The most obvious trait I have seen in Catherine is her passion and determination for teaching. She uses a multitude of different teaching methods including conversational exercises, real life scenarios, grammar etc all of which she spins a unique twist too. More often than not, she will adjust certain exercises to cater directly to me, which have been incredibly helpful in my day to day use of the language.” – Raphael

“Catherine a été exceptionnelle! Avec mon fils, elle a su amener l’apprentissage de la langue de façon ludique en utilisant des supports théoriques et des jeux! Sa patience et son envie de transmettre ont porté leurs fruits et Theault sans s’en rendre compte est arrivé à un niveau où il peut communiquer sans problème et aller au cinéma par exemple en comprenant 80% d’un film!” – Sophie

“Wir schätzen besonders die Kompetenz und Lebhaftigkeit der Sprachlehrerin, die uns in Enzelkursen abwechslungsreichen Unterricht bot, von Grammatik- und Wortschatzübungen bis hin zu individuell gestalteten Conversation Lessons, spielerischen Übungen und Kenntnissen über Singapur im Speziellen und Asien im Allgemeinen. Frau Chen reagierte stets schnell, zuverlässig und flexibel auf unsere Anfragen und Terminänderungen und hat uns mehrfach weitergeholfen, egal ob es um spontanes Übersetzen eines Textes, Dolmetschen eines Gesprächs oder um Einzelunterricht vor einem Englischtest ging.” – Andrea

“Over the period working with us, Catherine showed herself to be a very capable member of our team; diligent, self-motivated and committed to helping students maximise their potential whilst studying with her. She constantly developed her materials and tailored them to meet the needs of her students – she didn’t shy away from going ‘the extra mile’ when necessary and invariably received positive feedback from students and colleagues. Catherine was responsible for many aspects of her course, including: design, delivery and assessment and thus demonstrated her ability to work both autonomously and as part of a wider team.” – David Andrews

“I always feel very comfortable because Catherine is a really friendly teacher which contributed to a positive and welcoming atmosphere. What I really appreciated was that she took time to give everyone personal feedback regarding our homework instead of just giving them back without saying anything about it.” – Student from Uni Giessen EAP C1.1 English Reading and Writing Course