Finding the right method

Many people have asked me over the years what’s my secret to learning foreign languages. My answer has always been very simple: hardworking and commitment. Some may think that finding the right teacher is the key. No doubt having a good teacher will make your learning easier as you get better support. However, I’ve been telling my students this as well: “Education is one of the things that don’t really seem like your regular shopping spree. You might have paid the merchandiser but you might not finally get what you were hoping to have in the end.” It’s a myth believing that a good teacher is the solution to all your problems. A good teacher helps you to overcome your huddles more easily but they can’t do the learning for you.

That being said, everyone needs to find THE method for themselves. Not every size fits all. After experimenting with different ways and fiddling around with various things, reading textbooks from different publishers, teacher-hopping from one to the other…eventually, every language student should decide what works best for them. By saying what works best for them means not only the fact that students should look for something that’s the cheapest method nor the most expensive. But rather, finding out the method that allows them to practise and remember grammar points, new vocabulary and expressions that they’ve learnt. That students eventually gain more confidence in their oral expression in their target language while having fun and feeling that they are making progress every step of the way. Most importantly, to be able to free themselves of the language mistakes that they have been making for years and use the right words, grammar and expressions to say what they really want to convey to their listeners. And of course, to understand their counterparts.

For more tips on language learning, do follow up on my website, and I’ll be posting next on some tips to learn Mandarin! 😉